Systems we Service and Supply

Industrial air conditioning maintenance

Cowan Air located at Braeside, Melbourne, Australia. We specialize in air conditioning installation, office air conditioning installation, commercial air conditioning repair, and industrial air conditioning maintenance. Cowan Air handles Ducted Air Conditioning Systems, Central Plant Systems, Water Cooling Towers and Energy Management Control Systems.

Systems we service and supply

  • Ducted Air Conditioning Systems
  • Central Plant Systems
  • Water Cooling Towers
  • Energy Management Control Systems

Whether your building is a multi-storey complex or a small factory, we can service and maintain your air conditioning system so it operates at maximum performance optimising your comfort.

We can also advise and supply new systems into new complexes, as well as retrofit existing. All out technicians are trained in the latest technologies to advise what system will best suit your needs.

For multi-tenanted properties we can make your property managers workload easier by taking over the programming and maintenance of the complete building with our Energy Management Control Systems. Improve comfort and reduce costs, bonus for staff, tenants and owners.

Office air conditioning repair

Cowan Air located at Braeside, Melbourne, Australia. We do office air conditioning service, commercial air conditioning installation and industrial air conditioning service Melbourne.

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